Definitions for "Clerk of court"
Administrator or chief clerical officer of the court.
You will find many different kinds of clerks at the courthouse. There will be a clerk in each courtroom sitting at a desk next to the Judge's bench, and there are clerks in the various Superior Court Clerks' offices. Each clerk has a specific duty, so you have to find the right clerk for your task. For instance, when you go to court you will check-in with the clerk who is in your courtroom, and when you are filing papers at the courthouse, you will give them to the clerk at the filing window. Always remember that the clerks deal with hundreds of people every day, and you will have the best luck in your dealings if you are courteous.
An officer appointed by a court if justice who has charge of the clerical work; keeps the records and seal, issues process, enters judgments and orders, and gives certified copies of documents from the record.