Definitions for "Flagship"
Keywords:  fleet, flies, ship, shipowner, pennant
The vessel which carries the commanding officer of a fleet or squadron and flies his distinctive flag or pennant.
A shipowner's largest or most modern vessel. A navy ship carrying the commander of the fleet.
a ship commanded by an admiral and flying the admiral's distinguishing flag.
a term referring to the status conferred upon a starship
A flagship station is the main station of a television network.
A flagship station is the station from which a radio personality broadcasts. Although programs are broadcast from many stations, their is normally one studio the speaker sits in, the flagship.
A larger retail outlet where the full product range of a brand or retailer can be displayed within one carefully controlled environment.
Something like a category killer in that a website becomes the central resource for an issue or area of interest.
Keywords:  newspaper, chief, related, group, one
the chief one of a related group; "it is their flagship newspaper"
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a front row seat to the greatest show -Earth from the Air