Definitions for "HMS Albion"
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There have been nine ships to bear the name of HMS Albion from a third-rate ship of the line to a commando carrier to the lead ship of today's Albion-class LPD's (Landing Platform Dock Ships). Albion is an archaic name for Great Britain, although often used to refer specifically to England.
The eighth HMS Albion (R07) was a 22,000 ton Centaur-class light fleet carrier of the Royal Navy. She was built on the Tyne by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson. Her keel was laid down in 1944, she was launched in May 1947, but she was not fully completed until May 1954, and after an initial work up with her air group, joined the Mediterranean Fleet in September that same year, becoming flagship of Flag Officer Aircraft Carriers.
The ninth and current HMS Albion (2001-present) is a state of the art Landing Platform Dock (LPD) ship of the Royal Navy. Albion is the one of the newest ships of the Navy and provides an amphibious assault capability. She is the nameship of the Albion class landing platform dock, which also includes HMS Bulwark.