Definitions for "Hijab"
Keywords:  scarf, modesty, muslim, headscarf, veil
This is the square head-covering scarf of modest Islamic women. These scarves are worn over the head and around the neck and are held in place by pins. The hijab allows the face to remain visible and are worn extensively throughout the Islamic world.
Literally, the word translates as "curtain" or "veil." It refers to the headscarf and non-revealing clothing worn by many Muslim women to maintain modesty. The style of headscarf and dress varies from country to country. Modest behavior is mandated for both women and men.
Any kind of veil-it could be a curtain, a facial veil, etc. The facial Hijab is divided into two types: 1. Niqab: full facial covering. 2. Khimar: partial facial covering, i.e., it covers the face, but leaves the eyes exposed. It is said that the universe is what veils the Creator from the creation. If you find the veil awe-inspiring, how much more awe-inspiring is the One behind the veil
A type of headcovering that is a square of fabric folded into a triangle then placed over the head and fastened under the chin; this is probably the most common style
a very personal article of clothing, much like a blouse or skirt