Definitions for "Juniper berries"
Keywords:  marinade, gin, berries, diuretic, piney
Strong, piney, and slightly sweet berries from an evergreen tree. Most often used in making gin, the berries are good in making marinade for poultry, game and fish, or added to sauerkraut and pâtés. The blue-green berries can be purchased dried. Sold as a bottled spice in most supermarkets.
(Juniperis communis) The pea-size purplish-black berries which grow on the common juniper bush. Commonly used in meat stews, and in marinades for roasted meats. Store in a cool, dry place.
The darkish berries of the juniper tree provide the main flavouring for gin. These spicy, aromatic berries are also used, fresh or dried, crushed or whole, to flavour casseroles, marinades and stuffings, and complement pork, rabbit and beef, especially pork pâtés. They can also be used in sweet dishes such as fruit cake.