Definitions for "Sandalwood"
The highly perfumed yellowish heartwood of an East Indian and Polynesian tree (Santalum album), and of several other trees of the same genus, as the Hawaiian Santalum Freycinetianum and S. pyrularium, the Australian S. latifolium, etc. The name is extended to several other kinds of fragrant wood.
Any tree of the genus Santalum, or a tree which yields sandalwood.
(Indonesia) - Steam distilled from the heartwood and roots, giving it a warm, rich woody aroma. Used in many perfumes and is extremely valued for its spiritual properties in many east asian countries. Reputed to be an antiseptic and anti-depressant.
Soft and woodsy. Calming and relaxing. Benefits: Tone and balance dry, mature and oily skin. Helps soothe irritated, itchy and sensitive skin. Comforts skin after shaving.
It works wonders for dry and aging skin; it removes the old skin and provides the new skin the nutrients the skin needs to grow healthier than before. It is often prescribed for major burn victims to aid in the healing process. Sandalwood is also used for the immune system it aids in stimulating new growth of white blood cells which help the body fight infections. Anti-inflammatory, good for dry skin, rashes, and all skin types, reduces nervous tension, good for insomnia and to promote relaxation, useful as an aid to meditation and calming.
'Iliahi Moisturizing dry skin and hair, sandalwood also helps reduce tension and anxiety from its aromatherapy use. It will help assist in keeping your skin’s natural glow.
The red wood of a kind of buckthorn, used in Russia for dyeing leather (Rhamnus Dahuricus).