Definitions for "Liners"
Used for suspension, comfort and protection of the residual limb. Includes rigid, silicone and neoprene.
Draperies made of lining fabric, sometimes black-out or insulated, used under sheers or casement draperies.
Literally, the "lining" on the inside of the shoe or boot. Synthetic liners such as Cambrelle® offer lightweight, quick-drying comfort and resist mildew. Leather liners are extremely durable and cooler to wear, but take longer to dry. Waterproof-breathable Gore-Tex® fabric is either built into boots between the liners and uppers, or is bonded to other fabrics. Gore-Tex® increases water-resistance but may feel hot against your foot.
Outside layers of a combination board. Also paperboard used as an inner or outer facing in the manufacture of corrugated and solid fiberboard.
Decorative papers used to line the inside of an Inner Envelope or a Single Envelope. Some brands honor the age-old craft of lining envelopes by hand and line the full length of the envelope.
This term refers to the decorative paper used to line the inside of an inner envelope or a single envelope.
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Structurally sound sections of marble that are cemented to the back of marble veneer slabs to give greater strength, additional bearing surface, or to increase joint depth.
White cloth material applied to the back of a shade to provide privacy and added energy conservation. Max View Wood Blind collection consisting of 2 1/2" and 3" wide slat that offers a greater field of view when the blind are open.
"Liners" is a slang horticultural term referring to trays of very young plants, usually grown for sale to retailers or wholesalers, who then grow them to a larger size before selling them to consumers. Liners are usually grown from seed, but may also be grown from cuttings or tissue culture. They are grown in plastic trays with many "cells," each of which contains a single liner plant.
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