Definitions for "Policy Deployment"
SeeĀ  Hoshin Kanri.
The selection of goals, projects to achieve the goals, designation of people and resources for project completion, and establishment of project metrics. [Same as Hoshin Kanri
Another name for hoshin planning.
the process for ensuring that a company's policies are understood from the highest to the lowest levels in the company. Also see our Policy Deployment eResource.
A one-year plan, reflecting the long-term vision and the 3-5 year strategic planning objectives. A planning/implementation process that focuses on a few, major, long term, customer focused breakthrough objectives that are critical to a company's long-term success. This process links major objectives with specific support plans throughout the organization.
The process of internalising improvement policies throughout the company from translation of customer requirements, through each process of specification, design, etc. to final manufacturing and delivery.