Definitions for "Business Personal Property"
In a homeowner's policy, "business personal property" refers to items or "contents" owned by your business or company The coverage limit for this coverage differs by insurance company
A term relating to "contents" of a commercial enterprise. It may include furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment as well as stock, all other chattels owned by the insured, and even use interest in building improvements and betterments.
Furniture, fixtures, equipment, machinery, merchandise, materials and all other property (excluding real estate) owned by you and used in your business.
Personal property associated with a business or used in connnection with the production of income. Capital—On the balance sheet or statement of condition, the owners' or stockholders' share of a business enterprise; it is the mathematical difference between assets and liabilities, and will usually be itemized as capital stock, surplus, and undivided profits ("undivided profits" may be variously labeled "undistributed earnings" or "retained earnings.") Also referred to as "owners' equity."