Definitions for "OTA"
An abbreviation for "optical tube assembly", i.e., a telecope tube without a mount.
Optical Tube Assembly (the tube part of the telescope, not including the mount) Back to top of glossary
Organic Trade Association. The Organic Trade Association is a membership-based business association that focuses on the organic business community in North America. The OTA's mission is to promote and protect the growth of organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public, and the economy. The OTA is a member of IFOAM.
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The term used for downloading information or applications via WAP or web, such as ringtones, games, upgraded software or configuration.
Means that software downloads where the manufacturer reserves the right to decide when and where to release them through aerial.
ver he ir: A method of delivery for mobile software and digital media. Handango supports OTA delivery of software applications and also powers several OTA Web sites for software selection, purchase and download.
Original Total Annilation, refering to the unmodified TA units.
Ota is a Portuguese parish, located in the municipality of Alenquer. It has a population of 1,198 inhabitants and a total area of 46.36 Km².
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Other Transaction Agreements. (also see Technology Investment Agreement (TIA)) These agreements are a variation of a contractual agreement. There are fewer bid restrictions and the Bayh-Dole Act does not apply. This means that the sponsoring agency may retain all rights to intellectual property.
Is an abbreviation for off the air. This is short hand for broadcast television.
This is the acronym commonly used to describe standard television broadcast signals received by a rooftop antenna, sometimes called off-air.
Over The Air
Office of Tribal Activities
Officers Training Academy
Office of Technology Assessment
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Oxford Text Archive. One of the Service Providers of the Arts and Humanities Data Service. A JISC funded service.
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There are about 1500 OTA (terrestrial) TV stations in the U.S.
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Open Travel Alliance