Definitions for "Thursday"
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The fifth day of the week, following Wednesday and preceding Friday.
the fifth day of the week; the fourth working day
Thursday is either the fourth or fifth day of the week, falling between Wednesday and Friday. In countries that adopt the Sunday-first convention, it is considered the fifth day of the week. However, in ISO 8601 it is the fourth day of the week.
The night that the students go wild, cramming the cafes, partying into the early hours, rolling empty bottles over the cobblestones, before staggering to the railway station and catching the first train home to do their laundry.
Thursday is a 1998 American movie written and directed by Skip Woods. In reviews, the movie has been said to resemble Quentin Tarantino works, particularly Pulp Fiction, but the similarities are very superficial.
Thursday is a post-hardcore band from New Brunswick, New Jersey that has released four full-length albums: Waiting (2000 Eyeball Records), Full Collapse (2001 Victory Records), War All the Time (2003 Island Records), and A City by the Light Divided (2006 Island Records). Their name comes from the band's desire to not be automatically associated with any particular musical style.
a captivating, intoxicating individual
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See Also: Cute.
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a 'hard' deadline not to be missed, so there's no choice but to suck it up