Definitions for "NCB"
This is how many years YOU have had insurance without having an accident. You don't have any NCB if you've been a named driver on your parents car.
How many years you have had insurance without having to make a claim
This is how many years you have had car insurance without making a claim. Being a named driver doesn't count.
National Coordinating Body. Affected country Parties can establish a UNCCD National Coordinating Body with a multidisciplinary steering committee. Its role is to coordinate the formulation and implementation of the National Action Programmes and to mobilize national and international resources.
National central bank of one of the Member States of the EU.
National Central Bureaus
Naval construction battalion
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New College Berkeley
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Notified Certification Body
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Network Control Block. Used in describing a block of data in Windows NT event log failures. See also Network, Windows, NT and Event Viewer.