Definitions for "BEARS"
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consider all bears dangerous: travel in groups of 5 or more make noise be aware of fresh bear sign keep a clean camp pack out all garbage do not scream, run or panic if charged - stay calm prepare to climb a tree or play dead
Friends of Boyds Bears - Official Company Club A great gift pack, as well as newsletters and catalogs. Cherished Teddies - Official Company Club The official Cherished Teddies club from Enesco is $22.50 to join. Includes club goodies, quarterly newsletter and opportunity to purchase member-only figures. Dean's Bears Official Collectors Club Deb Canham Official collectors club Good Bears of the World A non-profit organization that supplies bears to children of all ages. Steiff - Official Company Club It costs $50. to join the official club, but the miniature Steiff given as a club premium makes it worth it.
Bonds Enabling Annual Retirement Savings. Holders of BEARS receive the face value of bonds underlying call option, which are exercised by CUBS (an acronym for Calls Underwritten by Swanbrook). If the calls are exercised by CUBS, BEARS holders receive the total of the exercise price.
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Beating the gun BEF
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Hairy hunky men.
These are pessimistic city dealers who think investments are going to fall after rising a few points. Therefore they sell their investments in the hope of buying them back at a lower price.
Investors or analysts who predict falling prices for one or more types of assets, and/or sell some of their investments.
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Budget Enquiry and Reporting System
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people who believe that the stock market will go down; this can also be applied to their view of individual stocks