Definitions for "Recollection"
The act of recollecting, or recalling to the memory; the operation by which objects are recalled to the memory, or ideas revived in the mind; reminiscence; remembrance.
The power of recalling ideas to the mind, or the period within which things can be recollected; remembrance; memory; as, an event within my recollection.
That which is recollected; something called to mind; reminiscence.
Recollection is the title of compilation album by Leslie Phillips, released in 1987 on Myrrh Records.
This term refers first of all to St. Augustine's concept of spiritual growth through "return to self" or the attainment of interiority*: a focusing or uniting of the will on the presence and importance of God (rather than possessions) in one's life. "Recollection" also refers to the historical movement beginning in 16th century Spain that resulted in the AR tradition and Order.
Humanity is given the gift of awareness, which means the capacity of spiritual recollection. We can "remember" whose we are, and to whom we belong. We can call out to our true Center and be re-collected there by invoking what is most central to Ultimate Reality and therefore what is most central in us. Recollection is the practice of such invocation.