Definitions for "Uniqueness"
The extent to which a project, its product, activities or any other attribute is one of a kind. [D05139] 53
the quality of being one of a kind; "that singularity distinguished him from all his companions"
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A property of having no duplicates. If an index has been created for a table using the keyword UNIQUE, then every row in that table is guaranteed to be unique. In SQL*Forms, uniqueness is a property of a block; no commit operation in a block may succeed if it would result in two rows of the associated table having the same value for the key field.
a feature that is peculiar to a product or service or supplier - no competitor can offer it.
The proportion of a variable's variance that is not shared with a factor structure. The uniqueness of a variable is (1-h2).
(adj.) A term used to describe the representation of an object by a computer modeler. The term refers to how close the correspondence is between the representation and the object and whether the representation can in fact represent more than one possible object.