Definitions for "Groat"
Keywords:  penny, pence, silver, english, coin
An old English silver coin, equal to four pence.
British silver coin with a face value of 4d(1.66p). Its name derives from the word 'great', because of the coin's size compared with the smaller penny. Groats were mainly used 1350-1560, but were issued before and after these dates. The Britannia groat, for example, was issued in the 19thC. This was the same size as the silver 3d but thicker and displayed the face of Britannia.
a silver English coin. nominally worth 4d., current until 1662.
Unit of inter-planetary currency; also known as shugs.
Keywords:  oat, hull, seed, grain, coat
Grain from which the seed coat or hull has been removed, such as oat groats.
Keywords:  sum, small, money
Any small sum of money.