Definitions for "Rook"
Keywords:  crow, chess, asiatic, gregarious, cheat
A European bird (Corvus frugilegus) resembling the crow, but smaller. It is black, with purple and violet reflections. The base of the beak and the region around it are covered with a rough, scabrous skin, which in old birds is whitish. It is gregarious in its habits. The name is also applied to related Asiatic species.
A trickish, rapacious fellow; a cheat; a sharper.
To cheat; to defraud by cheating.
Keywords:  helix, cartilage, pierce, anti, ear
a part of the human ear , located under the daith
a specific piece of jewelry designed to pierce the upper cartilage of the ear
A piercing of the anti-helix. "The upper most cartilage ridge running diagonally above the tragus. This piercing can be done at 16ga or 14ga Rings or curved barbells are suitable, Curved Barbells are more comfortable to heal and wear."
Rook is a trick-taking game, usually played with a specialized deck of cards. Rook playing cards were introduced in 1906 by Parker Brothers to provide an alternative to standard playing cards for members of certain fundamentalist Protestant groups that forbade the playing of card games. Rook was used as a way for people to enjoy the fun and was often referred to as Christian cards.
Rook is the name of a British rocket. Twenty five Rook rockets were launched between 1959 and 1972. The launches took place from Aberporth in Wales and from Woomera in South Australia.
Keywords:  castle, piece, king, corner, moves
One of the four pieces placed on the corner squares of the board; a castle.
A piece that moves along ranks and files only.
Piece in the game that moves horizontally or vertically. Performs castling with King.
Keywords:  ruck, squat
To squat; to ruck.
Keywords:  roke, mist, fog, see
Mist; fog. See Roke.
Member of a Pride with no calling, but not outside the Stratagem.
Keywords:  extinguish, candles, brass, hook, rod
Brass, hook-shaped rod used to light and extinguish candles.
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