Definitions for "Australian Height Datum"
Keywords:  ahd, datum, tide, gauge, coast
(AHD) National survey datum corresponding approximately to mean sea level. average annual damage (AAD) Depending on its size (or severity), each flood will cause a different amount of flood damage. The average annual damage is the average damage in dollars per year that would occur in a designated area (e.g. the Innisfail area) from flooding over a very long period of time. In many years there may be no flood damage, in some years there will be minor damage (caused by small, relatively frequent floods) and, in a few years, there will be major flood damage (caused by large, rare flood events). Estimation of the average annual damage provides a basis for comparing the effectiveness of different floodplain management measures (i.e. the reduction in the annual average damage).
Australian Height Datum (AHD) is the datum (adopted by the National Mapping Council of Australia) to which all vertical control for mapping is to be referred.
A level datum, uniform throughout Australia, based on an origin determined from observations of mean sea level at tide gauge stations, located at more than 30 points along the Australian coastline.