Definitions for "MSL"
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Mean sea level. When we say 5000' MSL we mean 5000 feet above sea level. I know the abbreviation doesn't make any sense in the way we use it, but that's its colloquial use anyway.
Mean Sea Level (datum for altitude measurement)
mean sea level. A tidal datum. The arithmetic mean of hourly heights observed over the National Tidal Datum Epoch. Shorter series are specified in the name; e.g., monthly mean sea level and yearly mean sea level.
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Martha Stewart Living
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Master Subsidy Lock Refers to a 6 digit algorithmic code that is specific to a particular phone ESN. Usually Sprint or Cricket use this type of code top lock phones. In short its a 6 digit code to unlock a phone.
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Major Soccer League — a U.S. indoor league which formed in 1990 from the MISL and folded in 1992.
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Manning Selvage & Lee
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Manufacturing Supply License. This is usually for an existing chocolate manufacturer who owns existing chocolates manufacturing equipment. It's business structure is very different to a MKL, but it only supplies the retail market.
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Mars Science Laboratory
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Maximum Segment Lifetime.
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Military Shipping List
Modern platform independed object oriented script language.
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Project Report Project Loan Promissory note
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Medical Support Liability