Definitions for "ARP"
ARP is a method determining a host's Ethernet address from its Internet address. The network receives the ARP request, and then names the IP address. Next, the machine at this address returns its physical address so the information can be sent to it. If supported by all hosts, Internet addresses can be independent of Ethernet addresses.
a method used to resolve higher level protocol addressing (such as IP) into the appropriate header data required for ATM; i.e., port, VPI, and VCI; also defines the AAL type to be used.
Provides the rules for mapping an IP address to a physical machine address, using a correlation table.
Acreage Reduction Program. A voluntary, unpaid land retirement system in which farmers reduce their planted acreage from an historical "base-acreage" level. Usually required for participation in other agricultural programs. This program expired with passage of the 1996 Farm Bill.
ACREAGE REDUCTION PROGRAM. A program that requires a farmer to reduce the amount of crop planted below his base acreage to qualify for price supports and target prices for that crop, if such a program is in effect for that crop.
Assisted Rental Program
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Argentinean Peso.
Alsatian artist and poet who was cofounder of Dadaism in Zurich; noted for abstract organic sculptures (1887-1966)
uthorized eceipt oint. Entity designated by wireless operator to receive roaming call records, usually either a data clearinghouse or a billing vendor, but sometimes the operator itself.
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Anti-Revolutionaire Partij
Abbreviation for American Registry of Pathology
American Recording & Performance Co.
American Rehabilitation Program (formerly NARF)
Antenna Reference Point ƒAƒ“ƒeƒiŠî€“_
aerodrome reference point
Airport Reference Point. The airport reference point is the latitude and longitude of a point that is the approximate center of all existing and proposed landing and takeoff areas.
Area Redevelopment Plan. statutory plan that identifies planning goals and objectives of residents, owners and business people in an existing area. The ARP is a basic community planning document that deals with zoning, traffic, parks, social issues, etc.
Alternative Retirement Plan. One of three or more defined contribution retirement plans selected by the Ohio Department of Insurance and offered by Ohio public institutions of higher education to eligible university and college faculty.
Active Rollover Protection; system that recognizes impending rollover and applies braking to resist
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adrenal capsule
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1st class car with seats and sleeping berths and end platforms 2nd class car with seats only
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Attribute Release Policy. ARP rules define the attribute release for a requesting Resource. The so-called "arp.sites.xml" contains the general rules for an Identity Provider. In addition, there can be an ARP file per user, which results together with the general ARP file in an effective ARP that determines the attribute release for a user.
Attribute Release Policy. A policy, maintained by the Attribute Authority, that governs the sharing of user attributes with Service Providers.
Attribute Release Policy. The ARP defines which attributes are going to be released to a requesting resource. It is a mechanism to implement privacy and data protection.
Absolute refractory period. Phase during an action potential in a nerve or muscle when it cannot generate another action potential, however stimulated. See also relative refractory period.
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Australian Reform Party
See account reconciliation services
Association of Relocation Professionals.
Aircraft Recommended Practice
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authorization permit