Definitions for "DECERTIFICATION"
FLRA's withdrawal of a union's exclusive recognition because the union no longer qualifies for such recognition, usually because it has lost a representational election. However, in 7 FLRA No. 10, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) was decertified because it engaged in a strike.
The withdrawal of a union's status as the only organization authorized to bargain on behalf of a group of employees. Decertification is usually a result of a decertification election.
a process by which employees remove the interloping authority of a organization, such as a union, that represents them in their place of work. To vote out a labor union is to start the process of its decertification. The National Labor Relations Board ( NLRB) has the authority in the USA to maintain guidelines for decertification. definition of decertification defined What is union decertification
A remedy imposed by the State, after the facility has been terminated from the Medicare/Medicaid programs – usually as a last resort. The facility must move all residents and a re-licensure before admitting residents again.
The process of revoking a police officer's license to work in a given state; addresses the problem of an officer who is fired from one department for misconduct and is then hired by another, but does not prevent the fired officer from being hired in another state.
An action taken by the court to reverse a previous decision which permitted a case to proceed as a class action.