Definitions for "Lied"
Keywords:  lieder, schubert, piano, song, schumann
A lay; a German song. It differs from the French chanson, and the Italian canzone, all three being national.
(Ger., pl. Lieder) : Term for a solo song, especially to a Romantic text of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The main composers are Beethoven, Schubert ( Gretchen am Spinnrade, CD 2 ), Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Mahler, and Richard Strauss. Mahler and Richard Strauss are particularly admired for their orchestral Lieder.
(German, "song") A vocal piece dating back to the polyphonic Lied of the fourteenth century. The solo German Lied, accompanied by piano, reached its zenith during the nineteenth century.