Definitions for "Abbot of Iona"
Abbot of Iona, was the head of Iona Abbey and the leader of the monastic community of Iona, and overlords of scores of monasteries in both Scotland and Ireland, including Durrow, Kells and, for a time, Lindisfarne. It was one of the most prestigious clerical positions in Dark Age Europe, and was visited by kings and bishops of the Picts, Franks and English. The Ionan abbots also had the status of Comarba of Colum Cille, i.e. the successors of that Saint Columba.
The Benedictine Abbot of Iona (later Commendator of Iona) was the head of the Benedictine monastic community of Iona Abbey, Iona, western Scotland. It was founded in 1203 by Ragnall, son of Somairle mac Gille Brigte, king of Argyll and the Isles, although there had been a Scottish/Irish monastery there for the previous seven centuries.