Definitions for "Abhidharma"
Abhidhamma Further or higher teaching. The philosophy and psychology of Buddhism in abstract, systematic form.
(Skt., = Pali Abhidhamma). Philosophical school characteristic of the Early Schools of Buddhism (q.v.), in which reality is analysed in terms of fluctuating point-moments ( dharma) of form, sensation, perception, motivation and consciousness. In Mahayana Buddhism, it is still studied, but is regarded as being superseded by the CITTAMATRA and MADHYAMAKA schools (qq.v.)
Analysis or discernment of things in general (dharma); one of the three divisions of Buddhist scriptures; discourses as distinguished from the Buddha's teachings (sutras) and rules of conducts (vinaya); discourses in general.
Sanskrit word for 'Phenomenology'. See Ocean of Nectar.