Definitions for "Access Codes"
Keywords:  signon, fileman, sdsc, pmac, passphrase
In VA FileMan, a string of codes that determines your security access to files, fields, and templates. In Kernel, you enter an Access Code to identify yourself during signon.
This is a set of codes that enable an individual to access the SEC's filing websites and carry out SEC filings. Mainly these codes are your password, CCC and PMAC. You may generate (or regenerate) these codes at any time by accessing the SEC's Filer Management website and using your passphrase.
Codes assigned by either SDSC or the PI that allow login names associated with an accounting group to access and manage that group's allocation. Codes are (user), and (modify). Most login names only have user access.
Special dialing sequences used to access carriers or special TELCO services (i.e, most common 800, 950, and 10XXX.