Definitions for "Alizarin"
A coloring principle, C14H6O2(OH)2, found in madder, and now produced artificially as an an orange-red crystalline compound from anthracene. It is used in making red pigments (such as the Turkish reds), and in dyeing.
A substance found in the madder root and thought to have medicinal properties. The substance was found in some red-tinged bones from skeletons at Qumran, suggesting that these individuals consumed the madder root.
Also known as madder, alizarin carmine, alizarin crimson and alizarin rose madder. Red in color, originally obtained from the madder root, today manufactured synthetically. The madder plant was used in ancient times for dyeing textiles and in the Middle Ages for the illustration of manuscripts. Alizarin is usually rose-red but can vary greatly, presenting shades of pink, violet, orange or brown, depending on the properties of the colorants. It is a transparent pigment best used in glazes and thin washes and is outstandingly lightfast when used in reasonable concentrations.