Definitions for "Always On"
Keywords:  gprs, constantly, broadband, dsl, dial
Current dial-up services require the user to "make a call" to the ISP. The connection is only active during the duration of the call. DSL-Lite enables the connection to be always on in a fashion similar to a local area network (LAN). When you get to the office you turn on your computer and stay on the LAN all day. DSL-Lite will be similar in that once you connect to the network you can remain on for as long as you'd like. Thus, you'll be able to receive an e-mail when it arrives. No longer will you have to dial-in just to download your e-mail. Additionally, advances in push technology can be leveraged to create new exciting applications.
Removes the dial-up process, making connectivity only one click away.
Always on means that your computer is permanently connected to the Internet via a broadband connection. A broadband connection differs to a narrowband connection because users don't need to dial up using a standard modem connection. You can control outgoing and incoming access to your broadband connection if you install personal firewall software.