Definitions for "Amala"
Keywords:  gbegiri, ogbona, efo, ewedu, okro
Amala is a type of food eaten in West Africa, precisely among the Yoruba of Nigeria. It is made by slicing yam, drying and grinding it into yam flour which is then sieved and processed into amala by mixing the powder into boiling water and stirring it to a desired texture. It could be served with a variety of soups, such as okro, ogbona, ewedu,efo,or Gbegiri.
an Ayurvedic herb, Emblica officinalis (Emblica myrobalan).
Amala is a mythological giant of the Tsimshian Native Americans. He holds up the Earth on a spinning pole behind his back and must balance it. Once a year, a servant applies duck-oil to his muscles to relieve him.