Definitions for "dendrite"
Keywords:  neuron, axon, impulse, dendron, soma
A neural network framework written in C++. The main focus is algorithms for training and evolving the architectures of feed-forward and recurrent networks. The framework contains classes for constructing and training neural networks.
A stone or mineral on or in which are branching figures resembling shrubs or trees, produced by a foreign mineral, usually an oxide of manganese, as in the moss agate; also, a crystallized mineral having an arborescent form, e. g., gold or silver; an arborization.
Gr. dendron: a tree] • A fiber of a neuron which often cannot carry action potentials. Usually much branched and relatively short compared with the axon, and commonly carries information to the cell body of the neuron.
A slender threadlike spike of pure crystalline material, such as silicon.
Keywords:  agate, moss, tree, pattern
pattern like a tree Moss Agate