Definitions for "Griff"
Keywords:  sarl, rjl, progamming, simplistic, pig
Griff is a collection of projects including: Sarl3 - Sets and Relations Library for doing Formal Concept Analysis ; RJL a progamming language combining both static and dynamic typing, and PIG a simplistic triple store.
Keywords:  hook, knives, lift, jacquard, loom
An arrangement of parallel bars for lifting the hooked wires which raise the warp threads in a loom for weaving figured goods.
1. The part of the Fine Index Jacquard consisting of members containing the metal knives. 2. Also applied to the metal lifting knives used to lift the hook selected to be up at the correct time.
Keywords:  grasp, reach
Grasp; reach.
Keywords:  mixed, blood, person
A person of mixed blood.