Definitions for "Hoodie"
Keywords:  shirt, logogram, hoddy, loosen, sweat
A hoodie or hoddy is a shirt with a hood. Some hoodies also have a large pocket across the front, and even a logogram. Sometimes hoodies have strings to tighten or loosen the hood..
sweat shirt with a hood.
Keywords:  jaxx, ching, debut, sovereign, outfit
"Hoodie" is the third single from UK hip hop artist Lady Sovereign's debut album Public Warning, following the release of her first UK top 40 hit, "9 to 5". The single was produced by UK dance outfit Basement Jaxx and became her third top 75 hit, peaking at #44 in the UK singles chart. The single's b-side was her limited edition 12" single "Chi Ching (Cheque 1 2)".