Definitions for "IGO"
A part of the Irish National Library responsible for the confirmation of arms, and since 1944, "established a system under which 'courtesy recognition' was granted to the senior descendants, by primogeniture, of the last inaugurated or de facto Gaelic chieftains." Address: 2 Kildare Street Dublin 2 Ireland Tel. 01-603 0200
A popular all-in-one charging solution for mobile phones, music players, PDAs and other portable equipment. It consists of a universal charging unit and interchangeable tips that connect to the appropriate device and automatically select the correct voltage.
Go is a brand of power adapters, portable keyboards and other mobile accessories. They are distributed online at and from retailers including Best Buy, Brookstone airport stores, CompUSA, Radio Shack and others.
Inspector General's Office. The UNHCR Inspector General's Office (IGO) is based in UNHCR's Geneva headquarters. The IGO investigates allegations of misconduct by UNHCR staff.
international governmental organization. any international body or agency set up by the state, controlled by its member states, and dealing primarily with their common interests
inter-governmental organisation.
Intergovernmental Organisation
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Italo-Greek Orthodox Church
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Member of the abakuá society.