Definitions for "Lexington"
a city in eastern Kentucky; noted for raising thoroughbred horses
The Lexington was an automobile manufactured in Connersville, Indiana from 1910 to 1927. The Lexington Motor Company was founded in 1909 in Lexington, Kentucky, by Knisey Stone, a Kentucky race horse promoter, Several months later the company outgrew its building. In 1910, a group of Connersville businessmen noted that the community had too much tied up in the buggy and carriage industry, which was being displaced by the growing use of the automobile.
Lexington (1850-1875) was a United States champion thoroughbred race horse who became the most successful sire during the second half of the 19th Century.
town in eastern Massachusetts near Boston where the first battle of the American Revolution was fought
the first battle of the American Revolution (April 19, 1775)
a town located in Middlesex County , Massachusetts
a city located in Oglethorpe County, Georgia