Definitions for "Lodestar"
Keywords:  cynosure, polaris, guide, pole, star
A star that leads; a guiding star; esp., the polestar, Polaris; also, the constellation containing the pole star, the cynosure (Ursa Minor).
Something that serves as a guide or provides direction; a cynosure{2}.
Something that attracts attention or on which the atention is fixed; a cynosure{3}.
Keywords:  loadstar
Same as Loadstar.
Lodestar was a Rapcore band formed in 1996 by rapper Heitham Al-Sayed (Lead Vocalist), John Morgan (Drums) and "Haggis" (Sound Engineer) after they left Senser. They were joined by a fourth member, Jules Hodgson (Guitar). Lodestar were signed to Ultimate Records where they released their album Lodestar in 1996.
A term used in connection with an award of attorneys fees made by the court which is based on time spent on the case and an hourly fee. In some instances the "Lodestar" may be adjusted according to circumstances underlying the services performed.