Definitions for "Mariel"
Keywords:  havana, cuba, town, shipyards, west
A major industrial town and port with the largest cement factory in Cuba, a thermal power plant and shipyards. It was founded in 1762, with a population of 14, 000 now, is 45 km west of Havana and is now known mostly for the 120, 000 Cubans who left here for Florida in April 1980.
Mariel is a town and bay on the north coast of Cuba approximately 40 kilometres west of the city of Havana. The town is situated on the south-east side of the bay.
Keywords:  inaryoo, hosridon, cheryl, lenny, ryoo
(Mare-ee-el) Young maiden and member of the Jubilee Guild. Entered Castle Ryoo with Lenny and Cheryl and was instrumental in freeing the Hosridon and Inaryoo.