Definitions for "Menelaus"
Keywords:  sparta, trojan, brother, king, son
(Greek mythology) the king of Sparta at the time of the Trojan War; brother of Agamemnon; husband of Helen
Menelaus (Μενελαος) in Greek mythology was one of the two most known Atrides kings and king of Ancient Sparta during the 2nd millennium BC. He was said to be the son of Atreus and Aerope and is a central figure in the Trojan War, which would date his reign within 1300 BC to 1200 BC.
Menelaus (in Greek MενελαoÏ‚; lived 4th century BC) was son of Lagus and brother of Ptolemy I Soter, king of Egypt. His name does not occur among the officers or generals of Alexander the Great (336–323 BC) during the lifetime of that monarch, though it is incidentally mentioned by Phylarchus in terms that would seem to imply that he then already occupied a distinguished position. The first occasion, on which he appears in history is 315 BC, when he was appointed by his brother to the chief command of the forces dispatched to Cyprus, where they were destined to co-operate with the fleet of Seleucus, and with Nicocreon, king of Salamis.
Menelaus is a young lunar impact crater located on the south shore of Mare Serenitatis near the eastern end of the Montes Hæmus mountain range. To the southwest is the small Auwers crater, and to the southwest is the even smaller Daubrée crater. To the northeast is a faint rille system named the Rimae Menelaus.