Definitions for "Nehemiah"
Partner with Ezra in the reconstitution of the Jewish people after the exile, he was the man of action who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem and introduced the necessary administrative reforms (445 BCE and following). His words and deeds are recorded in the books of Chronicles, and also in the book of Nehemiah, which is considered one of the twelve minor prophetic books (and probably was written by the Chronicler).
an Old Testament book telling how a Jewish official at the court of Artaxerxes I in 444 BC became a leader in rebuilding Jeruslaem after the Babylonian Captivity
The Jewish cupbearer of Artaxerxes of Persia in the fifth century B.C.E.; appointed governor of Judea, he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile. See Chapter 18 Chronicles, Chapter 18 Ezra and Nehemiah, Chapter 18 Nehemiah Memoirs.
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