Definitions for "PGPLOT"
A graphics subroutine package developed by Tim Pearson at Caltech used to generate publication quality graphics on various graphic display devices. The PGPLOT subroutines are the graphics routines used by WIP.
(a.k.a. Caltech Graphics package) A high-level Fortran subroutine library that implements device-independent graphics; recently ported as a layer on top of the ANSI standard GKS. Available for most Unix systems and VAX/VMS.
PGPLOT is a device-independent graphics subroutine library written starting in 1983 by Tim Pearson, a professor at Caltech. PGPLOT is written mostly in FORTRAN with a modular output API that allows output to several dozen types of plotting device. PGPLOT has been widely used in the academic and scientific communities,because it provides both low-level (glyph, point, line, and area) plotting primitives and also high-level facilities for drawing graphs.