Definitions for "Pools"
areas within stream charac terized by a smooth undisturbed surface and generally slow current. Included in this habitat are "plunge" pools at the base of a cascade or waterfall (NRCS, 2001).
deeper and slower waters in a stream or river.
distinct habitats within the stream where the velocity of the water is reduced and the depth of the water is greater than that of most of the stream area.
Co-operative ventures among libraries to purchase and share materials.  PoP - (Point of Presence, also Post Office Protocol) - are two commonly used meanings. A ‘Point of Presence' means a city or location where a network can be connected to, often with dial up telephone lines. So if an Internet company says they will soon have a POP in Orangeville, it means that they will soon have a local phone number in Orangeville and/or a place where leased lines can connect to their network.
A working boater's term for Horton Lock, No. 31, on the GU main line.
a relatively massive endeavor and if the number of requests becomes large, they will be prioritized according to mutual scientific interest and benefit
Groups of resumes in the Resumix data base can be created using selection criteria and matched up by the computer based on that criteria. Departments can request that their S&C Analyst refer such resumes for their vacancies.
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See Equipment Pools.
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See LU poo