Definitions for "Repast"
Keywords:  naruse, mikio, setsuko, postwar, hara
Mikio Naruse, starring Setsuko Hara. It is set in postwar Osaka and it is about a woman who has moved from Tokyo (her father is a well-known professor) to settle down with her husband. Dissatisfied with his efforts to improve their household life, she returns to Tokyo for a time.
Repast is a framework for creating agent based simulations. It provides a library of classes for creating, running, displaying and collecting data from agent based simulations.
The Recursive Porous Agent Simulation Toolkit (Repast) is an agent-based modeling toolkit. Repast has multiple implementations in several languages and built-in adaptive features such as genetic algorithms and regression.
Keywords:  refreshment, food, eaten, meal, feast
The act of taking food.
That which is taken as food; a meal; figuratively, any refreshment.
To supply food to; to feast; to take food.