Definitions for "Sava"
Keywords:  ndash, i'i, manu'a, le'ele'ele, lefatu
Sava is a common male personal name in south Slavic languages. Perhaps the most famous example is the Serbian medieval prince turned monk Saint Sava. In Bosnia Sava could also be a female name, a result of the tradition of naming female children like rivers – in this case, after the river Sava.
In the traditions of Samoa, Sava and his sister, I'i, were the children of Lefatu (the rock) and Le'ele'ele (the earth). They lived in Manu'a and became the first settlers of Savai'i.
Sociedad Anonima de Vehicules Automoviles (S.A.V.A.) was a Spanish producer of light and medium commercial vehicles, based in Valladolid.
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A corpse, a dead body.