Definitions for "Skincare"
Keywords:  balm, wipes, facial, tinted, care
care for the skin
Body Care – including hand creams Facial Care – including lip balm, facial wipes and tinted moisturisers from skincare companies (excludes tinted moisturisers from cosmetic companies – these are classified under Cosmetics – Facial Colour Cosmetics) Foot Care – including corn plasters, medicated foot plasters Sun Care – including after-sun products
Body Care – including hand/nail care Facial Care – including lip balm Foot Care Sun Care – including after-sun products
Skincare treatments range from hi-tech (laser, permanent makeup, injection therapy) to old fashioned folk remedies (herbal wraps, mud baths, aromatherapy). Traditionally, skincare specialists in the United States come from the hair industry (obtaining an esthetics license). Skincare practitioners of the future will become infinitely more sophisticated--understanding the elements of the earth with which they work (mud, seaweed, essential oils) as well as delivery mediums (manual, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy). Places like the Bramham Institute at the PGA are offering comprehensive skincare training--200 hours of educational programming designed to close the gap between the spa as a place for pampering and the spa as a place that promotes health and well being.