Definitions for "Splashy "
Splashy is a boot splash program that doesn't require patching the Linux kernel. It paints graphic images directly to framebuffers using libdirectfb.
Splashy is a splash screen program for UNIX-like operating systems, such as GNU/Linux and Free BSD. It was designed to replace Bootsplash. Unlike Bootsplash, it runs completely in userspace and therefore doesn't require any kernel patches.
covered patchily; often used in combination; "waves dabbled with moonlight"; "a blood-spattered room"; "gardens splashed with color"; "kitchen walls splattered with grease"
marked by conspicuous display; "a cheap showy rhinestone bracelet"; "a splashy half-page ad"
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Full of dirty water; wet and muddy, so as be easily splashed about; slushy.