Definitions for "Superchunk"
Superchunk is an indie rock band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, consisting of singer/guitarist Mac Mc Caughan, guitarist Jim Wilbur, bassist Laura Ballance, and drummer Jon Wurster. Initially, the band went by the name Chunk (original drummer Chuck Garrison received some junk mail with his name misspelled as "Chunk" Garrison, and the name stuck), and their first single was released under the Chunk moniker. After adding the "Super" prefix to their name, the first official Superchunk single, "Slack Motherfucker," followed in 1990. Both releases were well-received, and Superchunk would release its debut self-titled album in 1990 to more critical acclaim.
Superchunk is Superchunk's first studio album. It was recorded January 18-19, 1990, at Duck Kee Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina, and released on Matador Records in 1990.