Definitions for "Transylvania"
(var., Transilvania) Region of northwestern and central Romania of triangular shape, bounded on the north, east, and south by the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian Alps and the homeland of roughly two million ethnic Hungarians.
an area in northwestern Romania, formerly a part of Hungary, where Unitarian churches have existed since the seventeenth century.
Transylvania ( or ; ; ; / or / ) is a historical region in central and western Romania.
Transylvania was the name of a trilogy of computer games released for several home computers of the 1980s. The games were graphic adventure games created by Antonio Antiochia and produced by the now defunct Penguin Software.
Transylvania was an aborted spin-off television series of the film Van Helsing set in the region of the same name. NBC was going to use the film's village sets setting it in the same 19th century time period as the film, but instead focus on the adventures of a Texas cowboy who becomes sheriff in a Transylvanian village, where he must keep the peace between two warring families with some "monsterous genes". It's connection to the film story-wise was planned as non-existent.
"Transylvania" is the fourth single from Mc Fly's third studio album, Motion in the Ocean, and is due to be released in April 2007.