Definitions for "UMI"
(Historical) Use of MAN s Initiative. A SHEFC-funded project to explore ways of using MAN s in HE.
University Microfilms International, a Bell & Howell Company URL:
One of the world's largest information archivers and distributors offering value-added information--via microform, paper, CD-ROM and online to users in the library and education markets. UMI has one of the most extensive archives in the world. Direct agreements with nearly 8,000 publishers and content providers enable UMI to offer information from more than 20,000 periodicals and 7,000 newspapers worldwide. Direct agreements with publishers ensure that every document is 100 percent copyright cleared. In addition, UMI's archives also contain more than 1.4 million citations for doctoral dissertations and theses (with more than one million of these available in full text), 140,000 out-of-print books, and many outstanding scholarly collections. UMI collects and distributes information via microform (both microfilm and microfiche), magnetic tape, paper, CD-ROM, and online.
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Unione Matematica Italiana
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Ursa Minor
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Use of the Metropolitan Area Network