Definitions for "Wadjet"
Keywords:  cobra, goddess, egypt, nekhbet, buto
the vulture goddess of Upper Egypt (Wadjet = 'the green one'); one of the Two Ladies who, with the vulture goddess Nekhbet, formed part of Pharaoh's headdress
A cobra goddess. The guardian goddess of Lower Egypt.
In Egyptian mythology, Wadjet (also spelt Wadjit or Wedjet, and in Greek, Udjo, Uto, Edjo and Buto) was originally the local goddess of the city of the same name, Per-Wadjet, named after her. As the patron goddess, she was associated with the land, and so became considered a snake, usually a cobra, which were omnipresent around the area. Indeed, her name means papyrus coloured, a reference to the Cobra's skin.
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See Udjat.