Definitions for "Addressing"
Method used by a network protocol to identify the source and destination nodes for data transmitted on a network.
Refers to the method you use to identify each recipient of your fax broadcast. The addressing information is obtained from the Attention field data and printed on the cover page or strip header of the received fax.
A scheme determined by network protocols for identifying the sending device and receiving device for any given item of information on a network.
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Applying a name/address via label, ink-jet or other means to a mailing piece.
a direct mail piece can include hand addressing, typing, ink jet or laser printing, labeling via hand or machine, and heat transfer methods. Ask your distributor to recommend the methods that will convey the image you desire.
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a bit slower, because the computers first try DHCP and wait for a timeout
a mechanism to refer to a device or storage location by an indentifying number, character, or group of characters, which may contain a piece of data or a program setup. [SILC99
(1.) In data communications, the way that the sending or controlling station selects the station to which it is sending data. (2.) A means of identifying storage locations. (3.) Specifying an address or location within a file. (4.) The assignment of addresses to the instructions of a program. See also selection.
n. The process of assigning or referring to an address. In programming, the address is typically a value specifying a memory location. See also address1.
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When a player takes his stance and grounds his club.
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Application Failures
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