Definitions for "NAT"
The translation of an Internet Protocol address used within one network to a different IP addres s known within another network - see also SUA.
Network Address Translation. A technique whereby IP traffic from multiple IP addresses behind a firewall are made to look to the outside as if they all come from a single IP address.
Network Address Translator - you may connect the Internet to the Internet by means of a single IP address and the computers inside of the network will use the Internet as if they were connected directly to the Internet (certain limitations applies). The
Nitric acid trihydrate, or HNO3(H20)3). Some polar stratospheric clouds are probably composed of solid NAT particles.
See nitric acid trihydrate.
Nucleic Acid Testing (also, PCR = polymerase chain reaction)
Nucleic acid Test (also called PCR), a method of replicating very small amounts of DNA, can be used in HIV testing to detect HIV viral DNA prior to seroconversion of the individual
Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing - NAT testing is expected to further reduce transfusion-associated transmission of HIV and hepatitis C. This type of testing will be the most manually intensive, most complex and expensive testing ever undertaken to screen the Blood supply. NAT testing, which began in May, 1999, is subject to FDA approval.
The nature spirits of Burma still worshipped in village shrines, comparable to the devatas of Sri Lanka.
The nats (; ) are spirits worshipped in Myanmar (formerly Burma) in conjunction with Buddhism. They are divided between the 37 Great Nats and all the rest (i.e., spirits of trees, water, etc). Almost all of the 37 Great Nats were human beings who met violent deaths (a sein-thei, lit. "green death").
a unit of information content used in information and communications theory. The nat is similar to the shannon but uses the natural logarithm (to the base ) instead of the logarithm to the base 2. If the probability of receiving a particular message is , then the information content of the message is -loge nats. For example, if a message is a string of 5 letters or numerals, with all combinations being equally likely, then a particular message has probability 1/365 and the information content of a message is 5(loge 36) = 17.9176 nats. One nat equals log2 = 1.442 695 shannons or log10 = 0.434 294 hartleys.
A nat (sometimes also nit or even nepit) is a logarithmic unit of information or entropy, based on natural logarithms and powers of e, rather than the powers of 2 and base 2 logarithms which define the bit. The nat is the natural unit for information entropy, corresponding to Boltzmann's constant for thermodynamic entropy.
Nat is a slang term from the Wild Cards novels referring to normal humans uninfected by the Wild Card virus. Most often used by Jokers when referring to their uninfected oppressors, though also occasionally employed by Aces as a pejorative. Fleur van Rensselaer (daughter of the ace Brain Trust) once observed that, though the term is short for "natural," it has another secondary meaning as a homonym - "gnats," which reveals how some wild carders feel about non powered humans.
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Number After Transfer. The number of pigs the sow is nursing after the litters have been standardized (if possible, within 24-48 hours after birth).
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North Atlantic
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Shorthand for "Natalya" or "Natalya's". It is often used when discussing items from Natalya's set.
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floating, swimming ("natans")
Arc attribute table. A table containing attributes for node coverage features. For each node, the NAT contains a reference to one of the arcs it connects to, an internal node sequence number and node feature identifier. See also feature attribute table.
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Natural sound. Used with VO to match the video.
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National (host country)
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