Definitions for "ALU"
The term "ALU" stands for Arithmetical and Logical Unit. It is a part of a CPU, and executes the arithmetical and logical operations.
An rithmetic ogic nit is designed to handle all logical and basic arithmetic functions. It is usually in control of a microcomputer or is imbedded in a Microcomputer chip.
Is a part of the CPU that performs the basic arithmetic and logical operations.
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ale (a beverage similar to beer). Alu is a primitive Old Norse word. It occurs in magical Runic inscriptions. It has to do with alcoholic beverages as mythical conveyers of inspiration, poetic and otherwise. See the Odin's Rune Rite blot by Steve Wilson.
An ancient Assyrian name ascribed to a malevolent apparitional form that manifested missing one or more limbs. This evil spirit reportedly would crush the life from victims it caught in its grasp.
A family of approx. 300 bp repetitive sequences, found dispersed throughout the human genome. Almost any 100 kb human nucleotide sequence will have Alu sequences within it.
A short, repetitive string of about 300 DNA bases that is scattered throughout the genome, often in regions that have many genes.
An application formatted to be loaded on MULTOS card.
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Short for "Actual Line Usage"
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Application Layer User